D Cuero was born in 1998 with the idea of filling a gap in the craftsmanship of footwear.

With all the impetus of the new work, we created a shoe made by hand, absolutely comfortable and with the best leathers, chosen one by one. Exclusive models, color combinations, hand painted and finished with care, make our shoes a timeless product, original and quality.

Essence of things well done, quality, color and design, take hand in hand to the experience of several years of dedication to our artisan workshop.

Many of you have already checked what we affirm. For those who don't, we invite you to put on some D Cuero shoes.



Our shop is a classic in Zaragoza, the city where we come from and live.

We have 20 years of experience wearing our most loyal followers.

With a clear Mediterranean style, it is our window to the outside.

The workshop is where the whims of D Cuero come from. Our warm and functional shoes awaken the muses and elves that inhabit it, and transmits all the magic to us, to create what we do.


We're Nieves and Tacho.

We shape D Cuero. With enthusiasm and work, we will try to make you enjoy our shoes and make you feel special and different.

We love what we do, our boots, sandals, bags, backpacks, complements, everything in leather, in a handmade way, thinking of you, wasting passion and determination, with firm step creating for you.

Welcome to your home.

Welcome to D Cuero!