All the combinations that appear on the page can be ordered, and it is possible that they are available in a specific size, if not, we will make them exactly the same in the number you ordered.

If you have already worn any of our products, indicate your size, which is usually inside the pen tab.

If we have the product you want in stock the shipment is immediate.

The shipments are made by the courier company GLS, and would be in your home in a short period of time.

If we have to create it, the manufacturing period is between 15 or 25 days depending, above all, on our workload at that time.

We have as a rule to have the customer informed of the process of your order and because of that we request an email or a mobile phone number, and we will send you photos of the process by Whatsapp and finally, a notice of departure of the order on the way to your home.

All that's left is to hope that your taste will be fulfilled and that you will enjoy it as we have done, working on your shoes.


We recommend that every so often (15 days or 1 month), depending on the use and climate of your city, use and apply a little HORSE FAT, (you can find it in your shoes repairer of confidence) to your shoes and accessories. This little tip will help you extend the life of your shoes and keep them hydrated and ready for everyday use.

First step

Clean with a soapy, drained sponge or a damp towel over the entire surface and allow to dry.

Second step

Apply the polish with a cloth in small amounts. Rub and remove any remaining grease.

Third step

You've got them ready. Perfectly waterproofed and clean. If there is any painting decoration on your shoes the paint will remain fixed and clear.