Handmade leather footwear (boots, shoes, sandals), also accessories (bags, purses, wallets, backpacks ...)

D Cuero as an artisan workshop, wants to make a recognition of the essence of the rural world.

Footwear worn by farmers, adapted to our time and with a personal touch of color and comfort.

Handcrafted boots, leather sandals, "menorquinas", original and quality leather shoes.

Handmade for more than a century, our designs of Pyrenean and Mediterranean essences continue to be a reference when it comes to creating our work.

During the manufacturing process, we use a wide variety of skins of natural origin, mainly Iberian bovine.

We strive to find materials that are durable and meet our quality standards. We integrate new materials into our collections with our demands for quality, durability and aesthetics.

Our commitment is to create parts that last a long period of time and are truly sustainable.

D Cuero opens a window to imagination. We present you our work, singular footwear, for you that look for the difference in each complement.

With these values, the result is a unique, timeless and distinctive product. Careful, original and comfortable designs.

Shoes for lovers of unique handmade leather footwear!

Different hats to distinguish you from others!

Accessories for you!